To the one left behind

To the one left behindBY MAYOWA ISIAQI never thought that this girl would survive I never thought that my lips would curl up to a smile Not ever again, till the world comes to an end But then, I never thought I’d be endangered Groping for a reason to live Breathing in fear, Swimming inContinue reading “To the one left behind”

Silence part 2

In fear, I became frozen In danger, my heart was becoming molten I had to act but it seemed like a ruction Which escalated to a volcanic eruption The sight left me numb While it seemed like a huge bomb Oh my! The explosion Caused so much commotion All emotions went extinct And my visionsContinue reading “Silence part 2”

” Noise creates illusions. Silence brings truth”- Maxime Legacé

Part 1 In awe, my lips parted In confusion, no words departed Without any devotion I lost all emotion And all I ever wanted left me in pain, haunted Haunted, I will be till I take correction But it seems I prefer the dysfunction The earthly lures make me tempted I can’t continue this journeyContinue reading “” Noise creates illusions. Silence brings truth”- Maxime Legacé”

“I am the voice of the voiceless”- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Part 1 Children should be seen not heard Those were the words inscribed on our walls And we grew knowing we didn’t have a say We spoke and we were shunned We grew older and spoke and we were shunned Our voices they ignored We tried to make it louder But instead, they sealed ourContinue reading ““I am the voice of the voiceless”- Ella Wheeler Wilcox”